you're probably wondering, who is LaylA?

Layla is our mom and the heart and soul behind everything here at Layla’s Falafel. The Layla’s Falafel story began by accident in our family’s chain sandwich shop in downtown Bridgeport, CT. Layla’s was never the plan, but it became our family’s American Dream.

It all started when a customer asked our mom if she could make him tabbouleh after learning that she had recently immigrated to the US from Lebanon. She gladly agreed and this became a regular occurrence. It wasn’t long before our mom introduced falafel to the menu and our uncle, Abraham, started frying them in a small, electric fryer.

Falafel sandwiches quickly went from a Friday special to an everyday menu item. When the line for falafel sandwiches grew around the block and the store began to smell like deep-fried falafel, our family knew it was time to give Fairfield County an authentic taste of the Middle East. They opened up the first Layla’s Falafel in Fairfield, CT in 2000.

We have fun sharing our culture and pouring our hearts into making everything from scratch using only high-quality ingredients. We have been sharing our love-filled, family recipes for the past 20 years and we look forward to serving our community for many years to come! 


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